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The Audiencly mobile influencer agency increases the number of installations of your apps. Find the right influencers for your digital marketing with Audiencly.

Influencer campaigns for mobile apps and games

Audiencly brings you together with the right influencers to successfully promote your apps. Stand out in the large pool of competitors. Present your game or app using an influencer to your target audience. Get more downloads instantly!


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Why influencer marketing with gamers?

Influencers promote your apps and games authentically and personally. How to reach your target group in a familiar environment. Numerous gamers use their reach to stream games live and show them to millions of followers. The dedicated audience of gaming influencers is always interested in games and apps. These influencers can therefore help you to establish your app. We have summarized some of the most effective options here.



How to market your game using mobile gaming influencers


  • Pre-Launch activities

  • Get pre-registrations by promoting your game before it starts. Increase interests before your app hits the market.
  • Game starts

  • Let influencers play your game for the first time and show them to the target audience. Create video content sponsored by gaming influencers.
  • Post-Launch promotions

  • Create influencer campaigns for an old game to revive its popularity.



Present new functions, game modes, updates by influencers

Influencers can create a variety of sponsored content for you. This increases the popularity and you receive numerous downloads.



Content marketing by gaming influencers

With Audiencly you will find thousands of influencers for your online marketing. Check out the social media channels of the influencers and choose several favorites. As an influencer marketing agency, we will take over the negotiations for you in order to give you the best possible price. If you have a choose an influencer, he will produce videos or streams. You can view the statistics and sit back. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Social media marketing has never been so easy!


About our influencers

We work with over 5000 influencers on YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. We therefore have one of the largest networks worldwide to promote your mobile apps and games.


Advertise successfully with gaming influencer campaigns

Would you like to increase the number of downloads for your app? Then use the offer of our mobile influencer agency. We promise you a successful implementation of your plan. With us you found the right partner. Advertise your game with over 5000 influencers.


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