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By Audiencly
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Posted on: 13/12/2019

eSports Influencer Marketing is becoming more and more established in the media world. Starting with gaming in soccer, first-person shooters and strategy games. If you like, play along. Everyone else watches and cheers on their eSportler or their team.

eSport has long been an important community game. In Germany, eSport is even part of popular sport. Anyone who used to be in the handball club now gambles with other gamers at self-organized events.

eSports Influencer Marketing

What presents itself today in large numbers started relatively small. The eSport as we know it today was created out of virtual games from amusement arcades. The opponents could measure themselves face to face, machines had high score systems. All of this happened primarily in the United States at the beginning of 1970.

Many years later, the urge for a top spot in the ranking is just as great. But in times of LAN parties, the competition has grown significantly. Establishing yourself at the top means investing a lot of time.

Anyone who used to go to an arcade regularly during the week now earns their money as an eSport athlete. The level of income is, of course, heavily dependent on awareness and the sophisticated marketing system.

Because what many do not pay attention to: eSport has a lot to do with marketing. And influencer marketing with esports. Or what else should you call the eSport events if not a huge marketing campaign?

In large halls in front of tens of thousands of spectators as an audience, today the new stars in the eSport scene are regularly celebrated in cities around the world. This flushes money into the coffers of the organizer and the player.

A huge target group for marketing

The entertainment medium eSport is full of potential. Where there are interesting gamers with entertainment will gather fans. Especially in the younger target group then the players like to emulate.

A lot of time is invested and of course also money. Even if you do not really need a lot of equipment as an eSportler, the little things cost you. A good gaming PC or console, chair, controller and finally all the games.

Professional eSportler are also influencers. They offer more than just entertainment in their games. Entertainment alone is one of the main reasons why many fans tune in every week. This entertainment, which gamers offer in different ways, binds the audience.

In addition, the audience gathered over the years, which usually behaves very loyal, can also be influenced. With everything a gamer authentically brings to his fans. Products of which he is convinced or services that he would like to recommend.

Large sponsors are often hiding behind eSportler, who of course want to bring their products to the market. As part of a well-thought-out marketing strategy, the gamer / influencer will present one or the other at fixed times.

The fans can decide whether to buy the product or simply ignore the advertising. Most of the time, the recommendation works to promote sales. And viewers trust the influencer and buy the product.

What will the future look like in eSport? As far as marketing is concerned, it will become more and more linked to this industry. Because eSportler are authentic, which is an unbeatable advantage in marketing. The events get bigger, the number of spectators increases. New forms of advertising, such as raffles for gaming accessories, attract more fans.

It is becoming increasingly attractive to act as an eSportler yourself or to follow your idol. In other words, surround yourself with everything that a gamer / influencer advertises: energy drinks, fashion, games or even cars.

With Audiencly you can do eSports influencer marketing. Find the right influencers with us. Advertise for millions of interested viewers.

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