Influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube

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Would you like to run influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube? As online platform for videos, YouTube is popular amongst millions of people. Through YouTube, they can indorm themselves, be entertained or start their creatice process.

The videos are viewed by interested people all over the world. This means an enormous potential for companies promoting their products and services, because of the high reach. With Audiencly you can find matching YouTube Gaming Influencers.

You can launch successful influencer campaigns on YouTube with Audiencly.

The work of YouTube Gaming Influencers

The work of a gaming influencer on YouTube is to provide the followers with interesting content daily. Your products can be advertised through a cooperative campaign. The gaming influencer creates videos that will recommend your services and the products you offer.

Especially the young target group uses YouTube to look at product recommendations. They often rely on the opinion of their idols.

How to promote your products through gaming Influencers

Consumers often emulate their influencers. The recommendations that are made have a big impact on the costumers. That’s why a review makes a lot of sense. In the review video, the influencer shares his experiences with each product.

Furthermore, you can use the possibility of Hauls. In this case, the influencer will make a video while presenting the specific products. Especially in the field of fashion the so-called look books are an important source of information for consumers. Depending on the opinion of the influencer, the consumer will be impacted by the review and be more aware of his following decision.

Influencers often shape the trends in fashion. Tutorials are a good way to attract more attention in the specific target group of influencers. The advantages of your product can be conveyed through an instruction without presenting obvious advertisement.

Find your YouTube Gaming Influencer with Audiencly

As agency we will provide you with a convenient service. There is no need to search for appropriate YouTube gaming influencers manually anymore. We work with thousands of influencers on YouTube. Use our existing contacts to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign.

  1. Tell us about your campaign and goals. Do you have any concrete ideas yet? We would be happy to give you advise on your project.
  2. We present suitable gaming influencers. Based on your ideas and the requirement profile, we make a pre-selection. All you must do is choose one or more influencers.
  3. We plan the promotion and take over the negotiations. We look for a win-win situation that offers you and the influencer the best opportunities.
  4. You can lay back and wait for the video to be produced. If you have questions or requests, you can contact us at any time.
  5. Access the statistics of the completed campaign on YouTube.

Influencer marketing campaigns

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We work around the clock and in all time zones. Send us a message and get in contact. We will design a successful Influencer advertising campaign for you.

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