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Posted on: 13/11/2019

Over recent years Influencer Marketing has become a great part of Online Markting. In our blog article we explain the possibilities for companies resulting from this. Through digital resources ones can reach thousands to millions of people over the Internet. With Multipliers Marketing, better known as Influencer Marketing, companies can benefit from this reach.

Audiencly – Influencer Marketing agency

Audiencly, the Influencer Marketing Agency is specialized in the networking of companies with influencers. They focus on YouTube and Twitch social media channels.

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Influence with high credibility

As a company, you should specifically include people who influence one’s opinion. People with reputation, influence and reach are part of modern brand communication.

With texts, videos or pictures the social interaction with your brand can increase. An important requirement for this is an existing range of influencers. Influencer marketing combines the great reach of influencers and their social power of forming one’s opinions.

The goal of Influencer Marketing: reach large groups of people and get them interested your own products and services. Especially the product tips of influencers are well received by thousands of users. With the right marketing campaigns, new users can be encouraged daily to take advantage of your offers.

Increase brand awareness through influencers

Whether on YouTube or Twitch. Everywhere there are influencers who have developed a tremendous reach. We are in contact with the talents to use their influence for you. Through Social media marketing it´s possible to actively influence consumer habits.

Not only the younger crowd has fallen for their YouTube and Twitch streamers. The Influencer market extends to all imaginable areas. In particular, products and services that are provided via internet can be perfectly advertised. The high degree of credibility is an important factor of the planned campaign.

The Online Marketing Institute published impressive numbers in its study. The return on investment (RIO) is particularly high in the field of influencer marketing. The latest influencer marketing studies also show that the credibility and influence are particularly great.

The Audiencly team advises your company in detail on how to implement your influencer campaigns. With us you can find the right gaming influencers on Twitch and YouTube.

Reach more potential buyers or customers

Influencer marketing is an important sales strategy in addition to traditional testimonial advertising. Products that are promoted by influencers are established faster and better.

For your company, it is important to contact influencers with many followers. At the same time, the like dislike rate must be positive. In addition to a large community, you can use the likes as an indicator for the popularity of the content from this influencer. You want to look for a positive rate in order to boost the image of your company.

The influencers, acting like celebrities, are making sure that the impact of your brand expands. Anyone who is an influencer nowadays has a certain publicity. But between celebrity and influencer is and remains an important and huge difference. Influencers work exclusively on social media platforms. They produce their own content. And most importantly, they are perceived by their community as “normal” people.

This gives the Influencer Marketing a high level of trust. A celebrity, however, does not have these benefits. He therefore often has more difficulties to perform his advertising messages authentically. Influencers know exactly how they can interest their followers in something. This makes it much easier to integrate a marketing message. The “digital opinion makers” are perceived more like real life people. Above all, this stands next to the mental blockages towards the perception of advertising messages.

How does Influencer Marketing work on Audiencly?

Our gaming influencer marketing is quite simple. You contact us and present us your content marketing idea. If you request we can help you with the conception and give you tips that will increase the success of your campaign.

Once the ideas for your campaign are specific enough, we will define your exact needs. After that, the contact with the influencers arises. We currently have 1000+ influencers to choose from. They work not only but mainly in the field of gaming content. Through our existing network and our experience, you can quickly contact the appropriate influencer. So you can bring your vision to life whether you want micro-influencers or classic influencers.

Find Influencers with high followers and subscribers numbers.

Gaming Influencer Marketing Agency

As a Gaming Influencer Marketing Agency, we rely on creative ideas in the area of video implementation. During the phase of promotion, the influencer has creative freedom, which limits were set in previous briefings.

Specifically adapted for your company, the campaigns have a high interaction rate. The combination of well-known influencers and authentical advertising messages make our big success possible.

So called influencers that are found in our network establish their products on the market through targeted advertising. The target group of the influencer have been made aware of the product advertising and consumer behavior is influenced.

Which cooperations are possible?

First off, there is the great area of product advertising. In this strategy, the influencer receives a product box made for advertising. But there are other activities to choose from, too. These are filmed and presented to users as content. The ultimate goal is to make your brand look good. You can freely decide on different types of cooperation or get advice from us. For each target group, the influencer is an important step in presenting the product in a more interesting way.

After these phases, you can now find the influencers that appeal to your target audience. Influencer Relations allow you to advertise your products and influence followers in a natural way. Thanks to a sense of togetherness, sympathy and even friendship. Successful Advertising with Influencer Marketing:

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