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Posted on: 13/07/2020

Do you want to do influencer marketing for games? Influencer marketing is now an important factor for the sales of game. Influencers appear where your target audience is: on the Internet. The gaming sector in particular has many opportunities through social media marketing. Influencer marketing for games is therefore an important part of advertising strategies. We help you to start a promising campaign with suitable influencers!

Influencer marketing for games

As an agency, we have been working with successful influencers in the gaming sector for years. Many companies have already achieved their goals with tailor-made marketing campaigns. This was mainly due to the increased awareness of the company and the game.

Use our agency to also market your products or services with the help of gaming influencers on social media. We help you to drive your online marketing through influencers with strategic concept creation.

Gamers are increasingly influenced by influencers. Their consumer behavior depends on them and sales in this area increase from year to year. For example, some gamers are represented in the top 10 YouTube channels. These gaming influencers are aware of their strong reach. You advertise your products so that the followers are aware of you.

We present your game to a wide audience worldwide. With our influencers, your new game or one that has already appeared on the market will quickly become known. Let’s play videos can be used for this. By demonstrating and commenting on games, consumers are encouraged to purchase them. Of course, this does not only apply to games, but to all gamer equipment. Individual events can also be organized to introduce your games.

YouTube, Instagram and Twitch as gaming platforms

Likes and comments largely reflect awareness. But we want more for you than the sheer number of engagements. Finding the right gaming influencer for your goals and marketing takes time and experience. There are several platforms available on which we search specifically. Like YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. Each influencer on the different social media networks has its advantages and its own audience.

We deal with your wishes and goals. Where are we most likely to reach your target audience? Is this in Germany or worldwide? What is the best way to convey your advertising message? Do you have a classic or a niche product? We individually determine the best gaming influencer for you. If we don’t have the right one in our portfolio, we go looking for it.

Professional advertising with your influencer for your game

As an agency, we establish contact with a gaming influencer. We develop a marketing concept and show you how an influencer can implement your desired advertising. We pay attention to all editorial content and the prescribed labeling. Of course, every gaming influencer should be left with the detailed presentation of the campaign. Because he knows exactly which tonality his community is used to.

Authenticity is an important quality. It is imperative for an influencer to be honest with his audience (subscribers). He will only include advertising messages in his program that suit him and do not irritate his followers. Because lost trust between influencers and subscribers is only slowly being rebuilt.

We take the time to find a gaming influencer for your project and marketing campaign. It is not just the key data to be checked, such as the number of followers or interactivity. We want your advertising to be received as professionally as possible.

Micro influencer vs. Top influencer

A good marketing strategy takes the product into account. Your goal is to make your products or services better known through advertising by influencers. That doesn’t mean that only the really big influencers like Gronkh, Ninja or Paluten should be your first choice. They have a large reach, a committed community and many subscribers who regularly interact with their star. But what about credibility?

If you let large influencers spread your advertising, you may find that credibility suffers. Because not all gaming influencers with a long range fit exactly to your product. Or are already advertising for many competing companies. You want to emphasize your uniqueness. Therefore, smaller influencers from the private sector are also considered. These micro influencers have a fixed audience. Act in niches and have a strong bond with their followers. Your subscribers are not unknown people, but family, friends and acquaintances.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an influencer in the gaming field. What is the respective influencer’s consumer behavior and attitudes to relevant topics? What about its credibility, its coolness factor? We will help you and present you with a selection of suitable influencers. As an agency, we already have a lot of experience in this area and can make targeted selections.

Influencer marketing from search to analysis

With our agency we offer you everything. We look for the right gaming influencer for you, develop a marketing strategy, take over the support and the subsequent evaluation. This way you can see how successful the advertising campaign with the influencer was.

What is the current reach? How is that reflected in brand and product awareness? Have the followers gladly recommended your offer? In addition, the tonality and relevance of the follower comments on YouTube, Twitch or Instagram is examined.

A good influencer will animate his subscribers – to play and buy. Good animation is measurable and clearly shows whether a campaign has been successful. Now let’s plan your influencer marketing campaign.


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