4 Instagram News – Instagram Story Update

By Audiencly
Instagram Story Update
Posted on: 16/04/2020

In this blog article, we report on the latest Instagram story update. The new features are interesting to increase the range. Would you like to use the Instagram Story Update and start an advertising campaign with an influencer? Then contact us and find the right influencer for your project.

New sticker in Corona times

“Stay Home” and “Thank You Health Heroes” stickers have been on Instagram for some time. They have been used by many influencers since the beginning of the Corona crisis. They should help users to behave correctly during this time.

Thus, quite a few appeal to their followers: stay at home! Another sticker has been added for a few days: “Thank You Hour”. What can influencers do with this new accessory?

All stories that have been given “Thank You Hour” are given another place for publication. They can be seen in a story that is broadcast daily at 7 p.m. for a week. These become visible to the respective subscribers.

This brings Instagram users together and increases their visibility. This combination – a good cause and your own advantage – should not be missed by an influencer.

Story highlights with hashtag function

What will automatically disappear after 24 hours can soon be viewed again and again. This continuous access to story highlights allows users to implement one or the other tip later. The permanent availability has another advantage: content that does not lose its topicality does not have to be continually rotated.

Instagram is now trying to offer another function for these story highlights. Tagging with hashtags and location. Good for influencers, because then their highlights can also be found using hashtags. Up to four hashtags and a location function are planned in the future.

These are important advantages for marketing. The tags make videos stored in highlights visible. As a result, influencers reach even more viewers.

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New selfie sticker as a feature

Instagram has launched many different selfie stickers for the stories in recent months. So map stickers, GIFs are offered as an answer option and also new boomerang modes. It is no wonder that this feature is gradually coming onto the market.

The corona pandemic means that many more people are spending their time on social media. You want to be entertained. Instagram is therefore becoming more and more attractive for its users.

As various companies have noticed, Instagram is currently testing a new feature: the animated selfie sticker. Some Instagram users have already been able to add this sticker. An emoji frame is placed over your own picture.

The insertion in a story is allowed several times. Everyone can create their own story individually.

Update for IGTV app

Another change on Instagram has many advantages for Creator. The platform launched an update of the IGTV app, which had previously received little attention. IGTV is already available in the main app. But now there is an exciting update.

While it was previously possible to post a preview of the IGTV video in the feed, it was only frozen. Only by clicking could followers get the full IGTV video. With a new app, Creator should now be able to post 15-second preview clips in the story. This entices followers to watch the entire video.


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