Influencer Marketing Trends 2020

By Audiencly
Influencer Marketing Trends 2020
Posted on: 20/12/2019

With the Influencer Marketing Trends 2020, you know exactly what is important next year. Instagram in particular grew even faster in 2019 and has become an important part of many content. In this respect, this platform has not only changed, the opportunities for marketers are also changing.

There is more and more influence on the consumer behavior of the followers. These now no longer just follow the pictures and smaller text contributions. Followers want to be inspired at the same time. Exactly right to use the interest for a good influencer marketing strategy.

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Influencer Marketing Trends 2020

Working with influencers for cross-channel advertising

Working with influencers in the media has many advantages for companies. It is creative and creates an authentic advertising message. Confidence in the products is demonstrably greater among consumers if an influencer also advertises them.

So the idea of using influencer content to promote your own brand is tempting. Influencers can transfer their usage rights and companies can then use the created content for themselves on other platforms.

Firm partnerships instead of one-time cooperations

What works best between companies and influencers is long-term cooperations. The past has already proven that. So this is also the trend for 2020. Instead of smaller and one-time orders, many companies want to retain their influencers in the long term.

The advantages are obvious: If you have a stronger bond, there are other possibilities besides cooperation. Visits to events, special promotions or creative collaborations to further develop the brand.

Anyone who permanently advertises a brand will find more acceptance among their followers. Many influencers are already using this. Cooperations are expanded and the influencer ensures even more credibility of a particular brand. This in turn increases sales.

Interaction is required

The success of an influencer was previously mainly measured by the number of followers. But this number doesn’t say much anymore. As a test, Instagram no longer shows the number of followers. Likes or comments can only be used to a limited extent.

In times of purchased followers or fake accounts, other key figures have become much more important. Interaction comes first. How many direct messages did an influencer get on a post? Or what emoji reactions did he get in a story?

IGTV has many advantages

Almost every influencer has already changed. Instead of pictures or posts posted daily, there is now TV. The followers like that. They get a lot more insight into the interesting life of their influencer. Due to the length of the films, the latter in turn has the opportunity to present larger projects in detail.

Longer videos therefore benefit both sides and strengthen growth on Instagram. Similar to YouTube, influencers can now contact their followers several times a day. There has probably never been a stronger bond between the two.

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