Instagram first steps – how to become an influencer

By Audiencly
Posted on: 03/04/2020

In this “Instagram first steps” guide we will tell you how to become an influencer. Maybe you are already watching Instagram stories of big influencers? Now you’re wondering if you can do that too?

Every beginning is difficult, even the Instagram first steps. The number of followers is low at first. The topics one-sided. The comment function remains unused. Then friends and acquaintances are invited to follow the new account. But at some point this research is exhausted.

How to start successfully on Instagram

We give you a few tips so that you can be successful on Instagram. First, be clear about whether Instagram is your platform. This is not as clear as you might think. Finally, you can also create a Facebook account or use another social media channel.

Think about what goal you are aiming for. And what type are you actually? Do you want a lot of followers quickly? So that you can be offered cooperations in a short time? For many, this is a worthwhile goal.

Or maybe you have something to sell and offer yourself? Then you are not about followers, but about customers. Talk to them directly and get them to buy your service or products.

The first step would be to convert your profile into a business profile. Then you must find the niche that your offer fits into. This way you can address the right target audience. After all, Instagram has over 500 million active users every day. That is an almost inexhaustible potential.

As an influencer or seller, you should use this potential. But how do you get people to subscribe to your channel? Looking at your Instagram story and ultimately buying your products?

Make a change with your Instagram account. Appealing photos and videos help you to build trust. Your Instagram followers should see that you are authentic. The social network is known for this and this is also expected to mediate an Instagram user.

Plan your Instagram first steps

In the Instagram app, it is important that you appear in the Instagram feed and stories. It does not matter whether you are an Android and iOS user. First you must download the app. When you’re signed into Instagram, you can get inspiration from others.

First look at other profiles before you start uploading the pictures. Our important Instagram first steps listed here will help you get off to a good start.

– Create an Instagram account
– Set up Instagram profile
– Record relevant pictures and videos
– Upload Instagram stories and photos

At the beginning it is helpful if you cover a wide range of topics. Find relevant topics that arouse general interest. Post on a regular basis. Rely on authentic content.
Don’t just get involved once. Stay tuned so that you don’t lose your new followers immediately. Strong content is important and must be delivered regularly. So, your followers stay active for a long time.

It is best to think of a strategy right at the beginning that you can also implement. Find relevant hashtags. Have matching posts displayed and leave a comment.

If you want to achieve a lot on Instagram, you must be active yourself. Follow other accounts, like and comment. But note which posts are suitable for your channel. Depending on what you like, the right followers will find you.

Pay attention to the times when you comment on a post or give a like. This is best done when your followers are most active. If you are made aware of other accounts while liking, take a close look there.

See which topics and content worked particularly well in the past. You can activate the notification for special accounts. So, you are quickly there when a new post is made.

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User generated content on Instagram

Do you already have active and loyal followers? Then you can let them work for you. User Generated Content or UGC for short will help you. Your followers can create content themselves – suitable for your products or services. You can post them again.

So, you not only get more posts, but also increase the awareness of your Instagram profile. Hashtags are also important to expand your reach. But how many should you use and which ones at all?

First think about which hashtags suit you. This is where the general help best and not those related to the current photos or post. The same applies to geo tags. Enter your location in the stories or feeds. Influencers who want to generate more customers can this show where the shop or the next event is located.

Giveaways attract followers. Why not start a competition? Classic competitions are just as possible as UGC. Just try it out. But remember that it should be a useful win. This must fit your target group and your project. Otherwise, very few can do anything with it.

Instagram first steps – read our 9 tips now to learn more about Instagram story!

Clear labeling for advertising posts

If you want to make money with your Instagram profile, you must label your advertising. Do not risk a warning that would also pull down your image. Every consumer should know immediately why you created the post.

With a title like “advertising” or “advertisement” this is immediately clear. If you’ve built an authentic profile, this title doesn’t even scare you. Your followers are happy to receive a new recommendation from you. They know that you are behind the product.

Soon exact legal regulation

There will soon be a legal regulation. In the meantime, try to be as transparent as possible.

The Frankfurt Higher Regional Court has ruled that an influencer’s recommendations are surreptitious advertising if he or she deals full-time with the business area. Or he has business relationships with the company whose products he recommends.

If you get a certain product from a company free of charge, but do not have to rate it positively, this is not advertising.

It is important that the company abstains from any influence and that you really post your contribution freely. If in doubt, you must prove this properly. This is difficult to do.

If you advertise a product positively, you are assumed to have an immediate advertising intention. Many courts now follow this view. It is better to declare every positive post as advertising.

That doesn’t count for private Instagram user

You can continue to advertise products and services. You do not have to mark them as advertising. The same applies to a company channel. There is also no labeling requirement for these. Everyone can immediately see that a channel of this type works commercially.

What about products you have bought yourself? If an influencer acquired the advertised product by hand and expressed a neutral opinion about it, according to previous estimates, there was no mention of advertising. Recently, this no longer applies.

A district court has already declared posts that linked to other brands or profiles as “surreptitious advertising”. Regardless of whether the influencer paid for the advertised product.

So, if you advertise or link other products positively, always mark your post as advertising. You can find collaborations here directly via Audiencly. Contact us now:


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