Instagram Influencer Marketing without likes

By Audiencly
Posted on: 17/01/2020

How does Instagram influencer marketing work without likes? The currency on Instagram was previously dependent on likes and the number of followers. An influencer with a good community could rely on this. But more and more dubious profiles have taken advantage of this opportunity to fake a long reach.

Likes and followers were simply bought. This is no longer successful. The change may not be interesting for normal Instagram users. But the message can be daunting for Instagram influencers. The likes are now only visible to the owners of the Instagram account.

Likes became less important in influencer marketing

Serious Instagram influencers don’t have to worry. Anyone who has built up an active community in the past will be able to share many great posts with them in the future. In Instagram influencer marketing, likes have lost significant importance in the past.

The number of comments and direct replies has been much more important. Another advantage is that some influencers have posted similar motifs or posts because they knew there were many likes for them. Now you can let go of the desire for likes and try something new. More creativity can now move into the social medium. In the end, everyone will benefits: influencer, follower and companies.

What does Instagram expect from it?

What does the social network expect from switching off the like function? A changed usage behavior. The social pressure should decrease. In plain language: no influencer must make every effort to visit all the hotspots in the world to post a selfie.

Campaigns that only attract attention could also be fewer. Just like actions for which influencers are only a means to an end. Stay on the ball and receive new social media news through our newsletter:

New benchmarks for Instagram influencer marketing

Is influencer marketing still possible without the like function? Many have asked themselves this question in the past. How can the success of a contribution be measured in the future? Clearly with other benchmarks. In times of fake followers, this was also urgently needed.

Specifically, the comments are now more the focus. Older Instagram users tend to forego a like in order to write a comment. This example clearly shows that distortion has occurred in the past.

The number of likes could by no means assess the impact of a contribution. Overall, you can say that Instagram is going the right way. In the future it will depend on the content. Each influencer determines this himself – without making himself dependent on the likes.

Togetherness is again the focus. Which was originally the purpose of Instagram. Followers can comment on posts and photos and thus give feedback to the influencer. With Audiencly you will immediately find the right influencers for your campaign. Contact us now:


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