Instagram Marketing for companies

By Audiencly
Influencer Instagram Marketing for Companies
Posted on: 06/03/2020

Instagram marketing for companies is becoming increasingly important. For years, companies have benefited from the reach that social media creates. Whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. – they all bring products and services to the target group.

Instagram is a popular platform. Invest in advertising via Instagram to successfully interact with customers and buyers. We help you to use your advertising effectively.

With our strategy, we determine which content should be posted. You will receive detailed statistics for each post. So, you can watch the campaign and enlarge it with additional posts.

Instagram marketing for companies – conceptual preparation:

  1. Definition of the target group
  2. Definition of goals (key performance indicators derived from them)
  3. Make all activities measurable (see Insights)
  4. Drawing conclusions and, if necessary, making changes

Important information for a successful Instagram campaign

All four points are gone through in succession. Where can you find your target group on Instagram? How should this be addressed? The development of personas and key data help. Collect and evaluate as much information as possible.

The interests and needs of the relevant target group are indications of how your Posts must be sent. Or how the entire channel should be built.

What are your company’s goals when advertising on Instagram? These and similar questions need to be answered. Only those who set goals can measure their later success against them. Goals could be increase traffic, lead generation, stronger customer loyalty or establishment of your own branding.

Conclusions can be drawn using the key performance indicators. These shows, for example, how high the number of followers is, how many likes there were on a post or comments.

There are also other important indicators such as click-through rate, newsletter registrations and shop registrations. Instagram Insights or a tracking tool such as Google Analytics can be used to register and evaluate this and other data.

Instagram insights for business

Some of the important information that Instagram Insights provides is free. Companies can use this tool to find out what demographic data has been collected and what performance there has been on their own contributions.

If you actively follow your strategy on Instagram, you must carry out an analysis from time to time. This works with hashtag research for your own keywords. How is the communication structured, what is the mood on the platform among the followers?

If individual topics are clearly more relevant than others, you should intervene here and adjust your strategy accordingly. The same applies to researching the activities of competitors. Which content is particularly in demand on Instagram?

If you stick to all 4 points above, you have a good foundation for successful Instagram marketing. We are happy to help you and suggest suitable Instagram marketing influencers.


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