Successfully use Instagram Story Marketing

By Audiencly
successfully instagram story marketing
Posted on: 19/06/2020

Instagram story marketing is one of the fastest ways to get people’s attention. Social media offers a lot of added value, which should be considered in your own strategy.

According to Instagram, an average of 500 million users use Instagram Stories every day. This has great potential. For you as a company, your services and products. The main focus of Instagram Stories is on funny and cool content. Statistically speaking, entertainment is a priority for German Instagram users at 58%.

Use the duration of the videos as a marketing tool

Stories that automatically disappear within 24 hours must be successful. Generate financial added value. How can you do that? By using the connection to your followers. This is reinforced in an Instagram story compared to a feed.

Reach more people with immediacy. Stories show how spontaneous companies can be. This spontaneous action must be carefully prepared. With a suitable strategy and a team that is behind you.

Regular posting on social media is desirable

Uploading a story every two weeks will not help you in your successful business life. It means regularly producing high quality content. Publishing such stories means working on them beforehand. In the best case, you already have a team that deals in depth with this topic.

After all, regular postings from stories bring in many comments and reactions. It is important to process these quickly. The same applies to the in-depth analysis. How often which stories were called up? How many followers close this function during the story and go back to the feed?

Get a clear message across your Instagram stories

The quality of story content is reflected in the message, the time and the content. A story is most effective when it contains a clear message that fits the target audience. In the first seconds it is decided whether the user remains active or draws his attention to the next post. 75 percent of the stories are only seen at the end.

Videos work better than static screens because they are not typed away as quickly during editing. They support the core message of your company and have a high entertainment value. Almost two thirds of Instagram stories consist of more than one section of an image or video. The so-called story frames.

Story versus feed – which format should you use?

The format of Instagram Stories has become an integral part of the social media landscape. However, stories play a subordinate role in many of the more than 25 million Instagram company profiles. The evaluation of Instagram data shows that 60 percent of companies still reach their reach with contributions in the feed.

Companies publish an average of (only) 2.5 stories per week. Even if stories do not immediately increase the visibility in the Instagram community. As statistically speaking, the same five to ten percent of followers always click on the posts. So they are an important part of your own marketing strategy.

Stories only for large companies?

The Instagram story function is recommended as a successful marketing tool for both large and small companies. Both can thus promote important interactions and at the same time minimize the effort. The stories can pay off in different ways.

Targeted and regularly posted, contributions are the basis for success. It is important to note that a call to action link can only be set from 10,000 followers. A precise analysis of posted stories shows where a link is most effective.

Use the work of influencers for story content

In many companies, influencers are an integral part of their own marketing strategy. They help to reach the target group in a more targeted and faster way. Influencers are used for the story function on Instagram, in order to advertise the company’s products and services with their own authenticity. With Audiencly you can find exactly the right influencers for your business:


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