The most successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns 2019

By Audiencly
Posted on: 03/01/2020

We report on the most successful influencer marketing campaigns in 2019. Together with our customers and influencers, we were able to celebrate a successful year. We have managed to bring many well-known influencers together with companies.

We not only established contacts, we accompanied the different campaigns from start to finish. We would like to briefly present three particularly successful campaigns here.

Lords Mobile – Influencer Marketing Campaigns 2019

Lords Mobile has found its market as a free strategy game. More than 200 million players around the world are proof that mobile gaming fans are widely scattered. Accordingly, our influencers were searched all over the world. For the public in the USA, France, Germany and Great Britain, among others.

The influencer campaign should improve the representation of the game. The project was achieved in a very short time thanks to the social media contributions from our influencers. In addition, a large fan base could be built up and the brand awareness of the app increased.

The more than 30 influencers involved have animated millions of people with their videos. They conveyed fun in the game and further expanded the community. The level of awareness of Lords Mobile from IGG is immense with more than 200 million downloads. It can be described as one of the most successful strategy games of the year.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Influencer Campaign 2019

RAID: Shadow Legends is a free action RPG mobile game developed by Plarium in early 2019 for Android and iOS devices. The turn-based fantasy collecting role-playing game gathers more than 300 collectible champions from 16 factions in 15 different character types.

Thanks to our campaign and the participation of well-known YouTubers and influencers, more than 1 M + daily players could be brought into play in just a few months. A huge success for our agency.

The more than 50 selected stars on YouTube & Co. used the different video content for advertising. All app functions were shown and their viewers were encouraged to play along. The activities of our selected YouTubers have reached our set goal. Thanks to their authentic promotion, many users have been won over and retained. The Like Rate is currently a staggering 92%. Over 100k downloads speak for themselves.

Gtarcade Hunger Heroes – Influencer Campaign

In addition to strategy and action, our three most successful campaigns also include the Gtarcade Hunger Heroes. A charity campaign organized by Gtarcade. This is intended to raise awareness of hunger and promote measures to combat child starvation.

The gaming platform Gtarcade already has an audience of millions through its well-known games such as League of Angels, Legacy of Discord or Rangers of Oblivion. We are happy to be able to successfully support the project through our campaign. Six of our influencers explained the background of the campaign with their videos and spread our concerns worldwide.

The main target markets were Latin America, Spain and Turkey. There we developed influencer marketing campaigns to disseminate information and event notices. We wanted to reach as many viewers as possible who could deliver meals to ShareTheMeal people in need.

So far, 42,000 meals have been donated. The campaign was successfully disseminated in numerous social media and a strong community was formed. This could be consolidated through events in which users and Gtarcade participated together.

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