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By Audiencly
YouTube Influencer marketing success
Posted on: 04/07/2020

We bring you together with YouTube influencer. This cooperation has had many positive effects in the past. YouTube Influencer Marketing made it possible to increase sales, raise awareness and build a strong community. Based on our marketing campaigns, a trusting cooperation developed. From companies, YouTubers and the large community on social media.

If your target group is primarily on social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Twitch), you have to use these platforms regularly and specifically. Your employees cannot always do this work. There is often a lack of time and knowledge about influencer marketing. We help you to find the right influencers. YouTube influencers are already well known. They look authentic and advertise your offers in line with your business philosophy.

Find YouTube influencers with Audiencly

As an agency, we have contacts to many successful YouTuber influencers. This pool was built up over years and is characterized by a trusting cooperation. If you would like to benefit from this cooperation, please contact us. Depending on your wishes and ideas, we will select the best partner for you. We establish personal contact and accompany you through your online marketing campaign on social media. Almost any project can be implemented.

Our team is looking for YouTuber in the large influencer market that best suit your project. Through the level of awareness achieved, the authenticity gained and the community behind it (subscribers). If an influencer advertises companies professionally on YouTube, they must fit the overall picture. Otherwise, followers will be unsettled and could possibly lose their trust in the YouTuber due to poorly selected advertising videos.

But this trust is the basis for the strong bond between YouTubers and subscribers. Advertising for certain products and services is therefore a tightrope walk. We help you to find the right influencer for your company.

Success with YouTube Influencer Marketing

Our partnerships between companies and influencers have proven their worth in the past. We choose the best for your company. Suitable YouTube influencer have a high level of interaction with their community. Always with regard to what you want to say as a company on the market. In addition, under the guideline, which enthusiasm, mood and emotions you want to trigger on YouTube with your target audience.

We develop campaigns for you that take you further. With your services or the sale of your goods. We help you to make your products visible. For this purpose, tutorials, hauls, rewards or look books by YouTubers are produced. Every variant of this social media cooperation has its advantages. We’ll let you know beforehand.

Explore the target market for the company

A prerequisite for successful work between influencers and companies is, among other things, that the target market has been determined in advance. There are different sales channels for companies. Stationary, online, TV. In the online area there are several social platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Twitch) that are used in addition to your own website. If you only have one or no channel here, you will miss a lot of potential.

The market for companies with high-quality products and services is large. It is important not to be overlooked. Advertising and selling on social platforms are an important aspect of our time. Many potential customers can be reached in this way. Accordingly, we develop a strategy with you on how the right approach is made using influencers.

Are you mainly dependent on younger consumers? These will primarily use social media when making their purchase decision. They are based on their role models on YouTube, Instagram or Twitch. YouTube influencers in particular are often a great role model for their target group. Their recommendations and experiences are rated as very important and are followed.

For a successful recommendation, the YouTuber must act authentically. Therefore, you should leave enough room for the influencer during the ongoing cooperation. The personal touch does not attract negative attention to your company. It is not perceived as disturbing, but as a benevolent recommendation that people like to trust. Contact us now to discuss how to run a successful YouTube influencer marketing campaign.


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We work around the clock and in all time zones. Send us a message and get in contact. We will design a successful Influencer advertising campaign for you.

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