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By Audiencly
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Posted on: 03/02/2020

YouTube influencer are becoming increasingly important. The young target group prefers to consume video content. Most YouTubers also started their work earlier without any financial interest.

They have turned their hobby into a profession over time and built authentically a target group. They entertained or informed them with passion. Tutorials are shared, DIY is posted, small games are played, or films are uploaded.

Anyone who delights their community with cosmetic treasures for years can also bring individual beauty products to women. That’s why YouTube influencers advertise certain products or services these days.

YouTube influencer with high credibility

YouTube influencers enjoy high credibility with their target group. Viewers trust the YouTube Star and buy products that they consider particularly important. The feeling of belonging is strong. The more intensely a YouTuber let his fans participate in his life over the years, the bigger it is.

The top 10 German YouTubers are popular influencers. They take part in events and can thus also establish personal contacts with their fans. This speaks for a stronger bond with the community.

This binding can be demonstrated by means of key figures, which can be read from YouTube Analytics. For example, the number of views is important if you want to derive statements about the level of awareness or attention on the Internet.

In addition, is the channel growing steadily? The more active users a channel has, the greater the popularity.

What should you look for when choosing an influencer?

If you are looking for an influencer among the most popular YouTubers, you should take a close look at the engagement rate. This shows how actively the respective fans follow the channel and deal with the existing advertising recommendations.

One mistake in choosing a good influencer is to look at the sheer number of followers. It can be high, and yet the influencer will not have built a good community.

In this case, a look at likes and dislikes says a lot more about good communication with the fans. A well-known influencer with a high number of followers is still an attractive advertising candidate thanks to its reach.

The most popular influencers on YouTube

For example, Bibi with Bibis Beauty Palace and her husband Julienco. Both are currently benefiting from pregnancy Bibis and are putting one video after the other on YouTube at the top.

Julien Bam and Luca have also uploaded very successful videos and can look forward to a lot of likes. These two shows that the number of subscribers is not always a guarantee of success.

Even a smaller channel can eradicate the smaller reach through high activity in post and comments. YouTubers are known for staying true to their favorite channel.

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