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Is your company located in Cologne and the surrounding area? Are you developing a game or an app and now want to promote your product effectively? Audiencly takes care of your digital marketing. We will find the right influencer for your company: Whether Twitch, Instagram or Youtube - our agency can find the right one for your product from over 5000 influencer. Regardless of the topic you are looking for partners: From lifestyle bloggers to gamers, we are in contact with numerous influencer who offer qualitative content!

Why Influencer Marketing Cologne?

The days of impersonal advertising banners are over. Instead, Influencer Marketing Cologne is the way to get in touch with your target group. Why is that? Social influencers enjoy the trust of millions of followers thanks to their high reach. They understand the needs of their community and can advertise products personally and authentically. If you develop a game or an app, gamers are particularly attractive to you as a cooperation partner.


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How can an influencer support your company?

What you, as the developer, reveal about your game or app, remains self-promotion. People with a high reach on social media, on the other hand, are always with their followers: They test their favorite beauty products, take the followers with them on trips or show their new favorite game. If influencers advertise products, the community evaluates this as a personal recommendation. Our agency brings together many social stars through Influencer Marketing Cologne – we are looking for the right one for your company!



This is how you can market your game with the help of Influencer Marketing Cologne


  • Sponsored posts

  • In the digital world, consumers seek inspiration by scrolling through the social media channels of their favorite influencers. Instagram, YouTube and Twitch are particularly interesting for your target group. Use the potential and attract more attention to your products!
  • Livestreams

  • The optimal start for your product is live! Influencers are no longer dedicated to their passion alone, but rather share the fun with their followers on Twitch, Instagram and YouTube. An influencer shows the benefits in the livestream and his community is excited. This will give your brand a better engagement rate!
  • Videos

  • Let’s play and other formats are very popular! Build your own community by showing off your products on YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. Share your success with millions of subscribers and enjoy greater reach!


How we support you

Our agency in Cologne has a pool of over 5000 social media influencers. You can look at the social media channels of the available influencers and select favorites. After your booking request, we take over the negotiation and provide you with the best offer. Your chosen blogger or gamer produces the right content: sponsored posts, videos or livestreams. All campaigns are transparent for you. As a customer, you have access to the statistics and can follow the progress: increasing number of downloads and better and better interaction.



Market your game through Influencer Marketing Köln

  • Pre-launch promotions

  • Promote your game before it hits the market. With the right marketing, you can network with the target group in advance and get off to a successful start.
  • Demonstration at the start of the game

  • Let The Games Begin. Preferably live! Introduce the game to the audience and immediately see better interaction.
  • Post launch advertising

  • Back in the game – attract more attention to your old game with sponsored content.


Our Influencer Marketing Cologne Services

  • Matching creators: In contrast to other agencies, Audiencly offers a network of over 5000 bloggers and gamers in Cologne, but also internationally. Look for candidates who understand their target group and create the right content for your company.
  • Successful campaigns: Are you new to digital marketing? Our agency specializes in creative storytelling and diverse content.We want to make your brand interesting for the target group.
  • Influencer Marketing Cologne: With the right influencers, you can build a high reach and get your game talking.
  • Product placement: Successful advertising has to be authentic. Influencers build on the trust of their followers. You can also participate in this and benefit from a higher level of interaction.
  • Events: See, but above all be seen. Online and offline. Bring the selected candidates together at events in Cologne and build your own community.


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