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Audiencly is your first address if you are looking for a successful YouTube influencer agency. We have worked with numerous major YouTube influencers for years. Many well-known advertising campaigns were created, which led to more sales and greater profits under our professional management.

YouTube influencer agency

As a YouTube influencer agency, Audiencly establishes contact with well-known social media stars for you. We act personally and with commitment. We accompany you from the first brainstorming for a marketing campaign to the final reporting. You will achieve the best result if your brand remains in the memory of your target group. With our selected YouTube influencer, you can achieve this.

If we do not find an influencer in our pool that optimally matches your company philosophy and brand, we will search for you. Numerous companies have benefited and still benefit from selected and targeted campaigns. Developed through cooperation between companies and influencers mediated by us.


Marketing campaigns developed by us as a YouTube influencer agency

YouTube influencer agency

YouTube influencer marketing

Are you planning a customer event, a product launch or would you like to make your services and products better known? Then use our agency. We determine suitable YouTube influencers for your project. In this way you can achieve measurable success with your advertising at short notice. The most important prerequisite for this is that you and we know your target group exactly.

If your audience is young, advertising on social media ist important. And without a doubt, this includes YouTube, Instagram or Twitch. Video platforms in particular enable influencers to use good shoots to advertise not only for themselves but for your company. Regular hauls, exciting reviews or meaningful look books can be used for this.

We develop strategically meaningful collaborations. Cooperation should not only be entered into based on the reach of an influencer or its interactions. The authenticity that the YouTuber conveys is important. And whether your products and services fit into his portfolio. Anyone who has trustworthy followers as an influencer on their channel does not want to unsettle them. Or even lose in the community after years.


Benefit from YouTube as a marketing channel

Your current marketing goal is to strengthen your image, gain awareness, increase sales? If you want to address a younger target group, YouTube is your medium. There are more than 1 billion active users worldwide. Many millions inform themselves weekly or even daily.

The consumer use YouTube to get a lot of information – fast and in high quality. This is why YouTube is far superior to a TV show or news platform, for example. Entering terms the user find what he is looking for.

YouTube is also very much in demand as an independent search engine. Therefore, your advertising should be found there regularly. This strengthens your existing brand presence and the recognition value. In addition, your users can easily share the advertising message on social media and thus spread it widely without your intervention.


Your advantages through our agency mediation

Whether it’s fast-growing newcomers or successful YouTube influencers for years. We have a pool with promising contacts. As an agency, we have a direct connection to the world of influencers and can judge who fits whom. Our company will help you make the right connection so that your goal is ultimately achieved.

We create profitable campaigns. With our selection of YouTubers, a sophisticated production based on our marketing campaign and later evaluation, you will be successful. The production of web video content with influencers is in the hands of our experienced employees. They analyze the market and optimize your online marketing using YouTube. On request, of course, other social platforms such as Twitch or Instagram.

We are strategic. Always adapted to the individual needs of companies. You are welcome to tell us your target in a personal conversation. Every success can be measured by KPIs. At the end of each campaign, our agency shows you exactly how successful it was. Do not wait any longer with your advertising and start right away with our help and the high-reach environment of YouTuber influencer. Together we will progress and bring success.


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